Friday, November 16, 2007

Caught off guard when the B.S. detector bent the needle.

I don't discuss politics at work. It is not only against company policy but I don't see anything worthwhile coming out of it. But I was caught off guard by some liberal numbnuts and I guess I had enough... so I let him have it.

Liberal Numbnuts made a comment about Chavez' dressdown by Spain's King Juan Carlos ("Why don't you shut up?") and I replied that he deserved it for being impolite. LN then went on to say "Well Chavez ain't that bad, at least he ain't the Devil like Bush." First I thought the guy was kidding, I mean it was an obvious reference at the faux pas committed by his Majesty Hugo The First at the UN. But LN went on with his mini-rant against Bush and tried to support Chavez "democratic" stand even after I told him not to engage in that train of thought. LN as good "supporter" of Free Speech went on and on till I had enough and then I let him have a piece of my Freedom of Speech.
Me: "Listen, do you even know what the fuck are you talking about?"
LN: "What?"
Me: "Yes, you. Do you really know what you are talking about or are you just spouting Liberal bullshit?
LN: "But Bush is Evil!"
Me: "What the fuck you know about Evil and what the fuck do you know about Venezuela?"
LN: "What...what...what..."
Me: Listen Jackass. You can stand here or anywhere in the US and badmouth all you want and you know what's gonna happen to you? Not a damn thing, you are protected. Now I dare to take your sorry ass to downtown Caracas, badmouth Chavez and see if you make it out alive."
LN: "I say, you are taking things out of proportion."
Me: "Out of proportion? Let me guess, you think draping underwear over a terrorist's head is torture and bad, but you never uttered a word of protest about terrorists hacking innocent people live in the Internet, have you?"
LN: (Mute)
Me: "Of course not, you are a fucking mental lame that needs his daily infusion of Air America so you can properly poop orally without having to overtax the three neurons you have left in that skull of yours with a coherent thought process."
LN: (mute but turning red)
Me: "Now, I know Chavez achievements in Venezuela first hand. The asshole created the first functional time machine. You know that he actually sent the country back in time almost 80 years? Tropical diseases almost unheard of before he took over like Dengue & Yellow Fever are now running rampant all over the country. While you are trying to decide between splenda and nutrasweet for your latte, in Venezuela regular people cannot find coffee, milk or even sugar. So please, don't you ever dare to call Bush evil and give that Mike Foxtrot of Chavez a free revolutionary pass because you are a liberal idiot."
LN: "But our freedoms...Patriot Act..."
Me: "Oh shut the fuck up! Is your job endangered because of your political views? You access to medical care and even your access to food? No! But guess what's happening in Venezuela under Chavez? That is right, if you are not with the 'process' you are a traitor and don't get the good stuff. How's that for true violation of your rights? Do me a favor, go home and find out from sources other than the DailyKos about what's going on in Venezuela."

At this time I turned around and left. I was at myself for flying off the handle like that, but the B.S. was too much for me to handle from a smug moron like that.
Oh well, I might get a call from Human Resources later in the week. Hehehe.

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