Saturday, December 30, 2006

One down.......

Justice is done. Mr. Saddam is now being slowly grilled in Satan's Kitchen paying for his misdeeds & Crimes.
Now I am waiting for the backlash that is sure to come. Not the so-called "insurgents" but from their allies: Human Rights Activists.
I am sure the news will be flooded soon by the cries of those who think Saddam should have been giving a life sentnce in an air-conditioned cell with three healty squares a day and DirecTV with all the options. And of course they will say that what was done here is just another example of the barbaric practices of the Bush Administration and its puppets in the Iraqi government. To them I say with all my respect: Fuck You! He got what he deserved.
The planet feels a little nicer today, Evil was sent to where it belongs. Good riddance.
Next tyrant?

Monday, December 18, 2006

On Shopping (A Rant)

So I was told in no uncertain terms by the wife that jeans and old t-shirt with the messed-up vest I use everyday will simply not cut it in order to go to the Company’s Christmas party next Sunday. I am covered in the pants and shoes section but lacking on the nice-shirt and decent-looking cover garment part (one non-negotiable requisite was that I am packing come hell or high water) and thus I must get suitable threads. I try to evade the deal by asking the wife to come with me on Saturday to a super-duper-mega-huge outlet mall near the Everglades but she used logic (I hate when she does that) and reminded me that this coming weekend is the last one before Christmas Eve and it would be busy and crazy enough for me to start foaming at the mouth and go ballistic 35 seconds after I we go in. Defeated, I promise her to go in the afternoon, on my own, and get me a nice red shirt and a light black jacket which are the color she chooses for my ensemble. I park very near the first store she “suggested” I check: Burlington Coat Factory. I am not kidding, I was literally less than 20 yards from the entrance and I thought to myself: “Whoa, this might not be bad after all.” Foolish thought!I go inside BCF and head straight for the Jackets. I look for black….. and it must be a fashion faux ‘cause other than tuxes, nothing was black. Charcoal, Grey, White, Cream with Black pinstripes and other assorted and very “pimpish” cuts and models. Oh hell, it does not look good! After 20 minutes of search I decide to peruse the shirt section and find one single solitary red shirt about 4 sizes too small so I return to the jackets. On the way I have to go by the winter clothing and I am stunned to see people actually buying parkas, gloves and scarves which is not that unusual if you are in a BCF in Montana but this is South Frigging Florida and it is eighty degrees outside! I can’t help myself and I ask a group of younger fellas buying the stuff if they are planning to go up north for a trip and they all said one of two things: It might get cold on January (it may get down to 60) or “It looks cool.” Or something along those lines. BCF is a bust so I go to J.C. Penny’s where some cheap crap might be found in the Rod Stewart Collection but it is also a bust. They had like five dress jackets and about seven hundred parkas. No red shirts either but I did manage to catch a set of metric wrenches for nine bucks. At least I got something. Next Store: Super Target. The Super Target is a repeat of the first two incursions: nothing but frigging parkas or crappy-colored THICK wool suits. Shirts were available in red but damn if I was going to buy a shirt that cost one and a half times more than a 5.11 vest for one event. I decide to turn around and I can’t find a dam aisle that is not blocked by either people, stuff or (I wonder who was the genius behind this) another aisle running 90 degrees against the aisle I was in. I ended up having to go through women’s undergarments, cut by toys (Barbie section) where I could glimpse the exit far far away. On my way out I see this kid, some 12 years old wearing a pair of parachute pants that were so big you could not see his shoes and was trailing like 5 feet of assorted fabric straps. He looked like he had last choice at the Salvation Army Free Pant Giveaway but he had the snug look that say “Look at me! I look Cool!” So I end up apologizing to the kid and the mom after I “accidentally” step on the straps and the kid lands face first on the aromatherapy bath oil gift baskets. I made a quick exit before security gets there and get arrested for assaulting a Clown or a White Boy dressing as Rapper (misdemeanor in the State of Florida. You get 30 seconds of community service and an award for Environmental Improvement). By now I am in the middle of super-duper-mega-huge outlet mall when it dawns on me: “Get a dressy vest!” DUH! I should have thought of that! So I go on the hunt again and found out that: 1) Vests seem to be outdated. 2) Whatever vest offerings are there are only for very thin women or for the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. 3) Leather Vests are frigging expensive and too damn short.So I give up and try to head back to where my car was parked….. and then I realize I have no idea where I was. No information booth in sight, no way I was going to ask a Security guy (they might still be looking for me) and there is no “You Are Here” anywhere. I do get lucky and see a maintenance guy who points me in the right direction and gives me a 2 page-long set of instructions on how to get back to BCF. I do not deviate from the instructions, although not being able to stop at the Cinnabuns was a hardship, and make it to BCF and eventually my truck. YESSSS!I climb in, light up and feel my blood pressure drop as my body relaxes. I start the truck and try to head for home when a cute blond cuts me off the exit trying to get a space about to be freed by another leaving customer. I need about 10 inches of clearance to go by but Blondie can’t seem to figure out that she is blocking me. I roll down my window, smile and wave at her signaling that she should also roll down her window. She does it with a flashing smile and I ask her: “Are you a real blonde?” She perks up, smiles even bigger and proudly says yes. Then the true-exhausted and defeated me appeared: “Well, I can @##% tell you are a @##% Blonde! Move you @##%*& car so I can get by!” And after some 20 seconds of her neuron processing the information and some hard blinking she finally gave me enough space to pass and make my escape to I-75.I called my wife and informed her on how I failed to accomplish the mission. She laughed and said no to worry that she may know a store where she could get me a shirt, but that I had to find out where to get a cover garment. I hung up and ruminated all the way home what to do. Then, inspiration from Above! My memory remembered a picture of an old feller from the Old Country with white socks, sandals and a decent looking vest. YES!!! Smith & Alexander might be the answer! I checked the website, gave them a call and a very nice lady informed me that black Smith & Alexander Vests were available and she could send me one with enough time to make it to the party. I made it! I ordered it and was feeling pretty damn good about conquering the task imposed by the wife. My wife arrived some 10 minutes later than usual with a decent looking red shirt, in my size and proceeded to tell me that it took her all of 45 seconds to locate the darn thing and another 30 seconds to pay and leave the store. “I don’t know why you are such a baby when it comes to shopping.” she quipped. I kept my mouth shut. I know I managed to score a victory with the vest but I felt shamed that I strayed away from the usual sources for CCW people and went with the Regular Folk stuff. There is a lesson there Folks. As for shopping, unless I hear that Kmart is selling Colt M4’s for under $200, I am planning to stay the hell away from any place of shopping until sometime after January 6th. It is a frigging Jungle Out there and the vines are all full of nutjobs!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Soldier's Christmas Wish.

Friday, November 24, 2006

San Nicolas de la CIA?

Moscú, 13 noviembre, RIA Las autoridades de Venezuela se han propuesto que la Navidad sea celebrada sin las imágenes que son habituales en el mundo entero.
El Gobierno de Hugo Chávez, según la información del diario venezolano Últimas Noticias, exhorta a la población a que no ponga en los hogares y en las oficinas públicas los árboles de Navidad, las imágenes de San Nicolás y las botas rojas, por ser emblemas ‘importados' desde Estados Unidos.
La intención del Gobierno es que las fiestas navideñas se inspiren en las tradiciones venezolanas, en particular, la de poner como ornamento una planta tropical que se conoce bajo el nombre dela Flor de la Navidad.
De esta manera, las autoridades creen posible evitar la influencia de ‘elementos de cultura foránea'.

Ahora si nos mandamos a joder. Resulta ser que San Nicolas es de la CIA y el Arbolito es Bush. Dicese que la mejor forma de demostrar ignorancia es abrir la boca y el Gobierno Chavista no pierde una oportunidad para demostrarlo. Antes de meter la pata hasta la cuarta intercostal, los "defensores" de la cultura deberian abrir un libro y averiguar que San Nicolas no es gringo sino originalmente de Asia Menor donde el obispo Nicolas era celebrado por sus regalos a los niños pobres y se interpuso entre un verdugo y la victima a punto de ser decapitada.
El Arbolito proviene de Alemania y no fue llevado a los Estados Unidos sino hasta la mitad del siglo XIX (19 para que los Chavistas entiendan) por inmigrantes Alemanes.

And back....

Away for a while but back now. Lots to post but the mind is going in so many different directions that it is hard to nail one single subject.
The Trolls are now in charge but for a while anyway. They are drooling at the prospect of changing us to a more "progressive" state of mind (Do read: Mindless followers) but that will be their undoing. They think they won because of what they did and not because what our elected ones fail to do. Should be a great and interesting time ahead. Just in case, be prepared, don't trust them and stock up your favorite needs 'cause they will try their darnest to eliminate them.

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'
Ronald Reagan

Upcoming Carnival in Venezuela. Elections in no time. Lotto Machines performing as Voting Machines ready to do what Chavez has already ordered: Win at Any Cost. But it comes to no surprise to yours truly. The New Greedy Left will not relinquish their control of the Petro-Dollars that easy and screw the People they allege to love. Latest example, Tropical Fevers, once contained almost everywhere but the deepest darkest jungle corners of Venezuela are now progressing nicely into the metropolis. Best selling vehicles in Venezuela? Audi and Hummer driven by those "In The Process."
New form of public transportation? Moto-Taxi: Motorcycle pay rides. And, by the way, new presidential decree: The right of 2 or more peopleto assembly is hereby forbidden after the elections.

Gossip: I was told by somebody who knows somebody who heard it from somebody (ad nauseaum) that the cause why the the Venezuelan Ruskie choppers went down was not some secret CIA plot to kill Hugo but plain stupidity by the eunii Military that are hoding rank because of their party servitude and not because of their profesionalism. It seems some Weapons' salesman did a demonstration of some Ground to Ground Rocket weapons system to a High Ranking Chavista military and the guy was so impressed that he wanted the system installed in the new Russian choppers. The Salesman told him that the weapons system was incompatible with such application but the Military Genius insisted so, after wheeling and dealing for a price plus the necessary release-me-from-legal-troubles-'cause-you-are-dumber-than-shit paperwork, the rockets were installed on the poor chooper who promptly took dirt dives while trying to operate them.
Unconfirmed reports also say that the weapons' system sale was during the height of Hugo's rambling against certain country (not the US for a change) accusing them of Genocide and Holocaust. The unconfirmed report also says that Hugo was well aware of the sale.

Interesting times we are living.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am sinking!

Ok, I do have to get organized. My room is swamped with too much crap to the point the only available space is a small path from the door to the chair. Even the desk barely has a few square inches available and that's just for the mouse to travel. Prnter, ammo, digital camera & case, CD's more ammo notebooks, address book, ruler, multimeter, pliers measuring tape USB port, phone, computer, Vonage device 4 9mm magazines pens, screwdriver and papers, papers, papers ad infinitum.

My relaoding bench is full of brass jars, tools, cleaners, more brass, duct tape, etc. and I desperately need to reload... but where do I move the crap?

(XM Radio: King Crimson playing Eletrik. Damn! Where did all the good bands go?)

Closet is full too. Old audio gear, more papers, more ammo (You can't never have enough ammo, tumblers. That's out.

(XM Radio: The Soggy Bottom Boys, I am a man of constant sorrow... I know, what a change)

Floor? 4 years worth of mags, about 9,000 pieces of reloading brass in different containers, fax machine, rifle case, shotgun case, other boxes with assorted stuff and a 55 gallon trash can almost filled to the top with crap I want to throw away.


Friday, October 13, 2006

The Exxocist!

I just found out that Michelle Malkin's videos have been erased without any specific reason and her YouTube account cancelled. So enjoy my videos until YouTube figures I am not a Chavez supporter. We'll see where I'll publish then.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Las armas de la República han vuelto a manos del pueblo.

De acuerdo a Hugo Rafael, el Pueblo ahora esta armado. Claro que H.R. ne estaba dirigiendose a Civiles sino a los militared de la Guardia de Honor que estan encargados, con los cubanos, de defender su vida.

Pero Huguito mijo, tu crees que alguien te va a comprar ese invento? Si quieres impresionarnos, dale un AK a cada familia venezolana para que se defienda de los criminales que los tienen azotados. Es mas, te garantizo que armando a la poblacion civil, te quitas el cacho de el crimen desbordado en seis meses, ocho maximo. Vas a tener que contratar a mas gente para recoger la basura que amanecera masacrada en las calles, pero es un pequeño sacrificio a cambio de la tranquilidad del Pueblo.

Estoy claro que NI DE VAINA H.R. se va a atrever a armar al Pueblo. Ni pendejo que fuera. No vaya a ser que la gente se le arreche y decida sacarlo a tiros una vez que se vuelva a re-elegir por un periodo de seis lustros.

Los Tiranos le temen a un Pueblo Armado. Los miembros de un Pais desarmados no son Ciudadanos, son Subordinados.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogging under the influence

No, don't go nuts. I am not here to talk about chemicals or better life through Colombian Oregano or Bolivian Nutrasweet. I am just plum tired for not getting but 15 hours of sleep in the past 4 days and being fueled by coffee, sugar and plain ornery. So, if the toughts do not make sense now you know why.

-It was not all work. I did spend a lovely morning on Saturday on a 3-Gun match. For those uninformed, a 3-Gun Match is a shooting handgun, shotgun and rifle (of the evil assault weapon type) in a tactical or self-defensive scenario. I was amazed to see that more AK's are showing up at the matches and giving AR's a run for their very expensive money. I said once that some people treat AK's are like chubby girlfriends: Fun to be with and use but you don't want your buddies to see her. I am glad to see that more shooters are coming out of the "Gun Cabinet" with their AK's and standing proud.

-School Shootings. May God have a special corner in hell for those bastards that have gone into school rampages and killing inocent kids. At least I have not seen the Lib politicians going into a verbal antigun rampage of their own (must be election year, right?) If anything these incidents prove that when you have a guaranteed Gun-Free zone all you gurantee is that a maniac will have no opposition in doing his evil deeds.

-Maca's world. She keeps me laughing. She is funny as hell plus just so open that I feel I am reading a sister's or cousin's complains in the strictest confidence... and I just realized that she might not be meaning to be funny...ooops! Sorry Monica!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Col. Jeff Copper: Gone to the Great Range in the Sky

I log to my favorite Discussion Board and I am slapped by the news that Col. Jeff Cooper has passed away. Col. Cooper was the Father of modern defensive pistolcraft. The Alpha of all the "new" tactics & techniques that we use to train and fight with a handgun. Directly or indirectly, millions of shooters today use one or many of the techniques he developed and there are not enough “thank yous” in this world to express the debt we owe him.

I never had the pleasure to meet the man. Those who did describe him as cantankerous, self-assured and a teacher. His tongue was as deadly as his guns and I am gonna let the Colonel himself shoot away:

-Remember the first rule of gunfighting... "have a gun."

-One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street... these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time.

-Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.

-Pick up a rifle and you change instantly from a subject to a citizen.

-One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that "violence begets violence." I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure—and in some cases I have—that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.

-Individually, we do not bear arms because we are afraid. We bear arms as a declaration of capacity. An armed man can cope - either in the city or in the wilderness - and because he is armed, he is not afraid.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No es Spielberg pero...

Con cariño les hago entrega de mi primera "pelicula"

Lo que hace uno cuando esta enfermito y no se puede salir a pasear.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rules of Engagement

In warfare, one of the surest methods to lose is to let the enemy dictate the Rules of Engagement. This also translates to the Ideological Warfare we are having right now with the Left: they are dictating how should we fight against them and cry foul to their referees if we deviate one millimeter from their rules but they have no shame in stepping out a mile and throw sand in our faces. In fact, they play without rules

Remember, we are not involved in a sporting event here. This is survival of a way of life. We are fighting against people that want us gone and they get to keep all the toys. It is not, as they try to portray, a search for a common ground in which all could live. Don’t buy that line of crap for one second. They want you submitted, gone or dead if possible. Their ideas are the only ones valid and yours must be erased and if it takes massive lobotomies or mass executions, so be it.
Right now, we are still fighting with words and in a draw. Soon enough they will step up and use harsher methods. When this happens, don’t cry foul and ask the referee for a penalty, he’s been bought and paid for and you will be out of the game. The only solution will be to play even harsher and eliminate them. It is your life, be ready to defend it.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chismes que llegan

Informaciones llegadas de fuentes secretas y fidedignas.

1) Hay discusiones dentro del campo chavezoide acerca de lo que puede venir despues de las elecciones de Noviembre en USA y sin el conocimiento de Hugo Rafael. La orden dada es apoyo irrestricto a los candidatos democratas y sabotear a los candidatos republicanos para cambiar el balance dentro del congreso Americano. Los nuevos lideres Democratas como Pelosi y Reed darian mejor tratamiento o ignorarian al Gobierno Chavista. El temor es que los Republicanos mantengan el control y el Presidente Bush decida apretarle las tuercas a Chavez antes de que se acabe su presidencia.

2) El grupo de discusion esta considerando que hacer si los Republicanos se quedan en el poder en Noviembre. Al parecer el experimento Bolivariano no esta dando los frutos revolucionarios que se esperaban. Bolivia esta en proceso de desintegracion, Lula esta en lo suyo e ignora los comando de Hugo Rafael y los viajes del mismisimo Hugo visitando a cuanto loco y satrapa queda en el mundo no han hecho sino demostrarle a la los europeos y confirmar a los americanos que Venezuela se ha convertido en un manicomio comunista. Los Chavezoides no quieren perder la teta multimillonaria que les esta entrando y que estan depositando en los bancos internacionales de las Islas Caiman y Brickel Avenue en el "odiado" Miami USA.

3) Si las cosas se ponen color de hormiga chiquita, dicese que los Chavezoides gubernamentales estan pensando en elevar a Hugo Rafael a la altura del Che Guevara. Esto se realizaria con la bendicion del "Padronne" Fidel desde su lecho recuperativo en La Habana. Esta por decidirse el metodo de "ascencion a los cielos revolucionarios" pero seguro sera espectacular y la CIA y Bush seran acusados del hecho.

4) Despues de la Ascencion de Hugo, comenzara la razzia dentro de las filas Chavistas. Aquellos que se han negado a cumplir ordenes o han tenido los testiculos de iniciar algo sin el permiso de la plana mayor, seran acusados de contrarevolucionarios y traidores. Incluidos en el grupo seran los que el Vinatero Rangel considere "chusma" y que dan una muy mala imagen internacional a la Revolucion. Basicamente habar una "Noche de los Cuchillos Largos" y solo la crema selecta quedara en pie.

Gracias a los "chismosos" de confianza por enviarme la informacion. Cuidense y sigan siendo precavidos.

In Memoriam

We Don't Forget.
We will continue avenging you
Against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.
May God Bless you.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Celebrating five years of CWP

It’s been 5 years since I took the decision of obtaining Florida’s Concealed Weapons Permit and started to carry every day. I take a moment to reflect and share on what I have learned while carrying a handgun on my side for 1,825 days:

1) I am thankful to God that I have never had to use my gun to defend myself or my family. I am thankful to the Founding Fathers for inscribing the Second Amendment to the Constitution and I am thankful to all the individuals and organizations that fought the good fight to keep my right to carry arms.

2) I have learned to be patient, to be in control and to ignore Life’s little abuses. The idiot that cuts me off in traffic and flips me the finger is just that, an idiot. I smile at the thought of his blood pressure rising and his heart working closer to a heart attack. Who would have thought that a gun is better than an antidepressant or valium?

3) I was never the most disciplined person in the world and still ain’t for the most part. But concerning to my guns and my carrying I am inflexible. And somewhat that discipline is translating into other aspects of life. You just don’t screw around, deviate or forget yourself around guns. It can get you killed.

4) I have learned to see through the Anti-Gun agenda and learned that demagoguery is alive and well and holding hands with stupidity. I am even starting to think that Anti-Gunners do want to become outright dictators and fear an armed population that could put a stop to their dreams.

5) During these 5 years, I have not been involved in any OK-Corral-type shootouts, nor had an episode of road rage in which bullets flew all over South Florida or saw somebody being shot by a CCW owner because he wanted in the local Home Depot first. I have seen none of the above played in the News or printed in the paper. It must not be happening, contrary to what the Anti-Gunners predicted. And I wonder, if they are so wrong about CWP, what else are they so wrong about?

6) According to statistics, my fellow CWP owners and myself are almost five time more respectful of the law than the average Floridian. Which is amazing considering we are branded as blood-thirsty Vigilantes by those who seek to control us.

7) I belong to a shooting club that is populated with others as hardheaded and opinionated as I am. It makes for interesting times. But my club is not filed with toothless rednecks chugging beer with one hand and shooting his gun careless with the other. Our club is a Rainbow Coalition of races and attitudes that would scare the hell out of Jesse Jackson. And no wonder, we are armed and we do not tolerate bullshit.

8) I see now that an unarmed citizen is just a subject waiting to be ordered by whomever he chooses to be his dictator. How much suffering could have been avoided in this planet if people were given the tools to defend themselves.

9) I depend on myself for my defense, nobody else. If I get help from Law Enforcement, I will gladly take it. But at the end I am the one responsible for staying alive.

10) I need to get some more practice and shoot more!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Los Pollos De La Guerra

Hay que reconocer que los Chavezoides son entretenidos. No solo Hugo Rafael nos mantiene en suspenso a ver que va a decir como va a poner la torta cada día, el señor tiene substitutos que le hacen el quite cuando se va de viaje.

Ejemplo hermoso: El caso de las Valijas Diplomáticas. De acuerdo a lo que informa el Gobierno Venezolano, dentro de avión militar de USA que traía cargamento para la Embajada venia material bélico. Ni cortos ni perezosos, los defensores de la revolución atacaron los bultos que descargaron en el aeropuerto de Maiquetía y encontraron los muebles y artículos de mudanza de un miembro de la Embajada con protección diplomática, 800 kilos de pollo y repuestos para los aviones Bronco. Al fin las pruebas necesarias para demostrarle al mundo que los Yanquis tenían intenciones nefarias contra la revolución bolsivariana!

Claro que, como todo lo que sale de las mentes Chavezoides, la torta cayo inmediatamente. Si violaron valija diplomática al meterse con las pertenencias del diplomático. Y los repuestos para aviones militares? Venían a petición del Ministerio de la Defensa, traían su papelería en orden y venían anunciados. Ay coño... la cagada.

Uno se da cuenta que el gobierno se pisó una bola cuando en menos de 48 horas, no se menciona mas el asunto a través de los organismos mediáticos venezolanos o los Chavezoides Cibernéticos en el Internet. Aunque mención honorífica va con laureles al Chavezoide que especulo que quizás el armamento o otras cosas nefastas venían disfrazados dentro de los pollos. No hay nada mas entretenido que un bruto con imaginación.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Fifth Column of Useful Idiots

There is an electronic battlefield in where the Ideological War Against the USA has been raging for several years now: The Usenet.

The Usenet is the bare bones of the Internet way before Blogs, Discussion Boards and even the World Wide Web. Called the Poor Man's ARPANET, it is a free fire zone where an user must be ready to forget the Marquis of Queensbery rules and be ready to have a knifefight inside a phone booth.

But back to our original idea, the soldiers of IWAUSA use the Usenet to shoot a constant barrage of lies, deceptions, propaganda and plain hatred against the USAthat would scare the the average citizen. Lots of these soldiers are from other countries, lots foreign born and living in the USA and, of course, there is a Chavezoide Brigade present for action among this last group.

The Chavezoide Brigade of course, is dedicated to sing the praises of the new Latin-American Messiah Hugo Chavez and to accuse and condemn the USA of every malady in this world. I'd figure that 95% of these "brave" players live in countries other than Venezuela and, amazingly so, do not want to return to the new Socialist Paradise. Who could blame them? They are not to give up living in comfort, safe and forego their ability of badmouthing President Bush while sucking their Decaf Komodo Dragon Blend with soymilk latte at the local Starbucks. To abandon their beloved SUV that allows them to drive their kids to soccer practice while listening to Randy Rhodes on their XM Satellite Radio? Unthinkable!

Yet, these Useful Idiots are the most venomous in their attacks against the USA. Their default position is to blame USA and takes the opposite side of anybody who the US supports. Much like Reuters, they will not call a murderous SOB who straps a bomb to his chest and blows himself up in a school bus a terrorist but a "Freedom Fighter." Yet an israeli soldier is called a genocide because he happens to shoot one of these "Freedom Fighters."

And God forbid you stand up and take a stance against their ideology: you are a marked man or woman for life. The same Idiots who were crying inconsolably 3 seconds ago because a brave terrorist was blown to camel crap will now order your extermination with extreme prejudice and please include anybody that thinks like you, your families and their families. And I am not exaggerating, during the Israel-Lebanon match, the Chavezoides Brigade is soc.culture.venezuela and other Latin groups constantly cried and requested the total extermination of all Jews and the eradication of the State of Israel in toto. When I was foolish enough to have an accessible email long time ago, the threats of torture and death were a normal every day thing. The Chavezoides Brigade hate with the passion of the stupid who is not enduring the true fruits of the Revolucion Bolivariana. But most of them lack the genital fortitude to do something about anything. They are cowards by nature. Some might actually try and harm us or provide the support to those that will harm us. It is because of this last group that we must remain vigilant and be ready to play by their rules...... and they won't like the outcome.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Y ahora les dio amnesia

48 horas despues del cese de hostilidades entre Hezbollah e Israel, los sempiternos idiotas chavezoides estan celebrando el "triunfo." Uno se rasca la cabeza pensando como demonios se puede considerar que los Israelitas, que convirtieron el sur del Libano en un deposito de escombros, perdieron. Cuando en la ONU se ofrecio una "solucion" al conflicto con un cese al fuego, los primeros que brincaron a aceptarla fue Hezbollah y sus amiguitos en el gobierno Libanes. Este tipo de conducta esta asociado con aquellos que les estan rearreglando el piloro por la entrada de atras y no a un ejercito victorioso.

Pero el punto a tratar no es las desfachatez de los Chavezoides sino su amnesia. Durante lo mas duro del tiroteo, los escuchabamos una y otra vez hablado de las victimas inocentes del conflicto y de su genocidio. Interesantemente las victimas eran exclusivamente civiles y no habian terroristas de Hezbollah en la lista de fenecidos. Civiles Judios no cuentan ya que segun los Chavezoides, son animales que deben ser exterminados.

48 despues de la cesacion de plomo, no se escucha a ningun Chavezoide hablar de las victimas. No se oye ni una peticion por el descansdo eterno de sus almas nisiquiera un rezo les dan. Los muertos, heridos y desplazados por lo que tanto chillaban, desaparecieron. Debe ser un acto de magia arabe-chavezoide.

La realidad es que a los Chavezoides no les importan los muertos. No son mas que un articulo de propaganda para ser utilizados en su batalla epica contra las fuerzas del Capitalismo Salvaje. El Chavezoide no le duele que maten a su vecino o se violen a la hija del primo o que Pedrito el hijo de la portuguesa de la esquina lo haya atropellado un carro. El unico valor que tiene es si pueden ser utilizados como instrumentos en contra de sus oponentes politicos.

El Chavezoide, por definicion, es un zamuro ideologico.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

La Encrucijada

Estamos en tiempos interesantes tal y como dice la maldicion china. En mis viajes ciberneticos he podido observar la fantastica dicotomia (y hasta policotomia) en la cual los Chavezoides estan sumergidos.

Un previo: Para aquellos que no tiene idea, el termino Chavezoides se refiere a extraterrestres que comulgan en la gran iglesia del culto a la personalidad de Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, Presidente de Venezuela, Comandante Supremo de las Fuerzas Revolucionarias Bolivarianas y meretriz de Fidel Castro. Aunque la joda del nombre comenzo solo para ser aplicado a extraterrstres, prontamente se extendio para cubrir a aquellos seres pseudo pensantes y casi humanos que se llenan de emocion cuando hablan de Chavez.

La Izquierda (definida como "aquellos pendejos que aun creen en el Socialismo como cura de todos los males") es muy efectiva en llenar el Internet con basura propagandistica. Terabites de comerciales revolucionarios y pro-socialista invaden servidores todos los dias.... y simplemente no reparten mas basura porque la competencia automatizada de los "Spammers" de Viagra y loterias congolesas no los dejan.

Claro que tanto volumen de pseudo-informacion tiene que salir de algun lado y, lamentablemente, el Chavezoide promedio no posee el cacumen para producir el volumen adecuado de heces electronicas asi que depende en copiar y repetir una y otra vez lo que otros dicen sin mirar la fuente o si siquiera posee logica.

Tomemos el caso de la ultima sampablera entre Israel y Hezbollah. Siguiendo las instrucciones y el ejemplo de Chavez, los Chavezoides iniciaron una avalancha de propaganda en el Internet que es de una comicidad y falta de logica que dejaria a Eugenio Ionesco y a Samuel Beckett rascandose la cabeza. De entrada los Chavezoides calificaron el conflicto como Genocidio pero al mismo tiempo demandaban la exterminacion total de todos los judios sobre la faz de la tierra. Alo? Y eso no es Genocidio? Al parecer dentro de la filosofia Chavezoide no lo es. La siguiente perla consistio en el ataque a USA por el apoyo a Israel y exigian que dejara de ayudarlos para que la pelea fuera justa. Pero al parecer les parecia muy bien que Siria e Iran mandaran pertrechos y gente a Hezbollah. Una de las joyas mas bellas de la Filosofia Chavezoide en este conflicto tiene que ser el comentario de que Israel era una fuerza de invasion y ocupacion pero nunca criticaron el hecho que Siria ocupaba y aun ocupa el Libano. Esto al parecer no es captado en el radar ideologico Chavezoide.

Bueno, no se puede esperar mucho de los Chavezoides a no ser que den mas material para mantener este Blog activo y darnos una buena carcajada a pesar de los muertos que caen por su filosofia. Seguremos con la joda!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Esperando la Invasion a lo Bolsivariano

Consegui ese diario por ahi en el Internet y tuve que copiarlo. Lo peor de todo es que parece ser real. DÍA UNO La invasión es inminente... Mañana comienza el entrenamiento. Los panasnos organizaron una fiesta de despedida. La rumba estuvo burda de buena. Bailamos hasta altas horas y nos dimos durísimo con la caña, para preparar nuestra alma para el destino que le espera. El jefe nos garantizó que en el más allá la rumba continuará y entonces tendremos 10 botellas de 18 años sin estrenar para cada uno. Al final de la reunión, Yefelson, John Fisyerald, Washinton Rodríguez y yo quemamos una bandera de los Estados Unidos para irnos poniendo ya en actitud. DÍA DOS Hoy no fuimos al entrenamiento... Estabanos burda de Enratonaos. DÍA TRES Hoy retomamos la cosa en serio. Tuvimos problemas con el vestuario, porque la cooperativa que fabrica los chalecos endógenos en los que se van a colocar los explosivos se cogió los reales y no los hizo. El comandante del escuadrón dice que no importa, que nos pegamos los cartuchos con tirro directamente en la barriga y nos colocamos encima un poncho andino para pasar desapercibidos. Lo que pasa es que a mí me toca la refinería de El Palito y yo no me voy a meter en ese calorón con un poncho andino. DÍA CUATRO Los técnicos explosivistas todavía no nos han traído los cartuchos. De todas maneras, hoy hicimos un ensayo general y cortamos varios palos de escoba en rolitos para simular la vaina. La sensación es burda de incómoda. DÍA CINCO Por fin llegaron los explosivos (entre ellos muchos Bin laden) y los ponchos. Como los gringos sólo deben encontrar cenizas, comenzamos ya a prenderle candela al país con incendios forestales aprovechando el calorón imperante. DÍA SEIS Hoy tuvimos una farsa alarma de invasión, debido a que una paloma activó el sistema de defensa antiaéreo. De vainita no destruimos los pozos petroleros. Menos mal que la mayoría de nosotros nos quedamos dormidos y a los pocos que acudieron, los explosivos no les funcionaron. DÍA SIETE Se acerca la hora... molderán el polvo de la derrota. Ya todo el equipo está listo y operativo, pero tenemos tres días que no nos llega comida pal campamento. Hoy nos reunimos. Si mañana no llega comida, vamos a trancal las vías de acceso a los pozos y, si nos echan a la Guardia pensamos usar los explosivos y aplicarles a ellos el plan de tierraarrasada. Yo estoy comenzando a creel que la Guardia Nacional está controlada por la CIA.. DÍA OCHO Hoy nos trajeron unas jamburguesas de McDonald. Estaban bien sabrosas. Estamos pensando que, aunque se vuelen los pozos petroleros, los McDonald deben quedar en pie. Como no tenemos mucho más que hacer, luego de comer hicimos una caimanera de fulbolito. DÍA NUEVE Como hoy tiene pinta de que los gringos no van a llegar, nos fuimos pal río pa ce un sancocho. De todas maneras, nos llevamos el equipo porsia. Llegó el gobernador de Miranda en visita sorpresa y Yefelson casi lo implota, porque pensó que era gringo por lo de los ojos azules. Menos mal que estaba comiendo, y él, un plato de sancocho no lo suelta ni por la patria. DÍA DIEZ Hoy es el día. Nos fuimos a la playa a esperarlos. Estuvimos hasta las diez de la mañana y no vinieron. Yo creo que nos cogieron miedo, porque nos miraron desde el satélite y vieron que la vaina iba en serio. Menosmal que nos trajimos el dominó y una cava de cervezas para matar el tiempo, que también es un invento gringo.