Monday, October 16, 2006

I am sinking!

Ok, I do have to get organized. My room is swamped with too much crap to the point the only available space is a small path from the door to the chair. Even the desk barely has a few square inches available and that's just for the mouse to travel. Prnter, ammo, digital camera & case, CD's more ammo notebooks, address book, ruler, multimeter, pliers measuring tape USB port, phone, computer, Vonage device 4 9mm magazines pens, screwdriver and papers, papers, papers ad infinitum.

My relaoding bench is full of brass jars, tools, cleaners, more brass, duct tape, etc. and I desperately need to reload... but where do I move the crap?

(XM Radio: King Crimson playing Eletrik. Damn! Where did all the good bands go?)

Closet is full too. Old audio gear, more papers, more ammo (You can't never have enough ammo, tumblers. That's out.

(XM Radio: The Soggy Bottom Boys, I am a man of constant sorrow... I know, what a change)

Floor? 4 years worth of mags, about 9,000 pieces of reloading brass in different containers, fax machine, rifle case, shotgun case, other boxes with assorted stuff and a 55 gallon trash can almost filled to the top with crap I want to throw away.


Friday, October 13, 2006

The Exxocist!

I just found out that Michelle Malkin's videos have been erased without any specific reason and her YouTube account cancelled. So enjoy my videos until YouTube figures I am not a Chavez supporter. We'll see where I'll publish then.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Las armas de la República han vuelto a manos del pueblo.

De acuerdo a Hugo Rafael, el Pueblo ahora esta armado. Claro que H.R. ne estaba dirigiendose a Civiles sino a los militared de la Guardia de Honor que estan encargados, con los cubanos, de defender su vida.

Pero Huguito mijo, tu crees que alguien te va a comprar ese invento? Si quieres impresionarnos, dale un AK a cada familia venezolana para que se defienda de los criminales que los tienen azotados. Es mas, te garantizo que armando a la poblacion civil, te quitas el cacho de el crimen desbordado en seis meses, ocho maximo. Vas a tener que contratar a mas gente para recoger la basura que amanecera masacrada en las calles, pero es un pequeño sacrificio a cambio de la tranquilidad del Pueblo.

Estoy claro que NI DE VAINA H.R. se va a atrever a armar al Pueblo. Ni pendejo que fuera. No vaya a ser que la gente se le arreche y decida sacarlo a tiros una vez que se vuelva a re-elegir por un periodo de seis lustros.

Los Tiranos le temen a un Pueblo Armado. Los miembros de un Pais desarmados no son Ciudadanos, son Subordinados.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogging under the influence

No, don't go nuts. I am not here to talk about chemicals or better life through Colombian Oregano or Bolivian Nutrasweet. I am just plum tired for not getting but 15 hours of sleep in the past 4 days and being fueled by coffee, sugar and plain ornery. So, if the toughts do not make sense now you know why.

-It was not all work. I did spend a lovely morning on Saturday on a 3-Gun match. For those uninformed, a 3-Gun Match is a shooting handgun, shotgun and rifle (of the evil assault weapon type) in a tactical or self-defensive scenario. I was amazed to see that more AK's are showing up at the matches and giving AR's a run for their very expensive money. I said once that some people treat AK's are like chubby girlfriends: Fun to be with and use but you don't want your buddies to see her. I am glad to see that more shooters are coming out of the "Gun Cabinet" with their AK's and standing proud.

-School Shootings. May God have a special corner in hell for those bastards that have gone into school rampages and killing inocent kids. At least I have not seen the Lib politicians going into a verbal antigun rampage of their own (must be election year, right?) If anything these incidents prove that when you have a guaranteed Gun-Free zone all you gurantee is that a maniac will have no opposition in doing his evil deeds.

-Maca's world. She keeps me laughing. She is funny as hell plus just so open that I feel I am reading a sister's or cousin's complains in the strictest confidence... and I just realized that she might not be meaning to be funny...ooops! Sorry Monica!