Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jihad in Miami Shooting of MDPD Officers?

Scumbag Shawn Sherwin Labeet

The info was out there from the moment it happened. According to officers involved in the take down of Scumbag Shawn Sherwin Labeet, he went down shooting and screaming "Allah Akhbar". Add to it the fact that the officer shootings occurred in the first day of Ramadan and there is also some information that Scumbag Shawn Sherwin Labeet had a history of saying to friends and relatives that he hated cops and wanted to take some out, puts an interesting, perverted and dangerous twist to this tragedy.
Traditional Media has not run with it for whatever reason. Instead they decided to go with the old & tired rant against "Assault Weapons".
I am guessing that condemning Islamofacism is not PC but ranting about "Assault Weapons" is PC.

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