Sunday, May 06, 2007

Socialism or Death! (The French Version)

Leave it to the French Socialist to come up with some seriously dumb political strategies....or maybe not.

Madame Ségolène Royal has warned that if Gaullist front-runner, Nicolas Sarkozy wins the French presidential campaign, street violence will ensure. OK, nothing new here, the Socialists are always fond to yell Socialism or Death in their meetings and once they are in power. But this new method seems a bit over the top even for France. Maybe Madame Ségolène Royal has Tony Soprano as campaign manager and we are hearing the standard strong-arm tactics for extortion that the goodfellas from the mob utilize to increase their incomes applied now in french politics.

Now, what violence may she be referring to? Perhaps hordes of workers will take the streets demanding that France become a Workers Paradise? Doubtful, France is already an economy of the lazy & useless. Maybe she is afraid that Neo Nazis will take over and start burning the houses of franc centrists? Nah! Sarkozy is more centrist-to-left than a Blueblood Republican. So what is she afraid of? "The volatile suburbs."

I know, to us you mention suburbs and we think white picket fences, 2.5 children per household, mini-van, soccer moms and PTA. But for France, the suburbs is a wee bit different: The suburbs are the enclave of the radical Muslim youth. The same Islam-Adoring-Peaceful fellers that rioted in 2005 (and continue to do so whenever one of them feels like texting a shitload of other idiots) and ended with over 10,000 vehicles destroyed by arson, 274 tows terrorized and more than 100 police and firefighters wounded.

Now, Madame Ségolène Royal's commentaries are taken by the average European leftwingnut as prudent warnings to be followed by the French voters (your average US voter would be insulted to hell, but then again if masses of disenchanted youths took the streets of suburbia and tried to burn that many vehicles, the body count of Muslim idiots would be enormous). But, if you did not notice, not one single American leftwingnut has said a thing about the racist quality of her commentaries? No Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or CAIR came out to protest such vile language! Why is that? OK, fuck it, who cares anyway? They are FRENCH for pet's sake! If we are lucky, the riots will happen, the French Government will cave in to the creation of an Islamic State within France's borders (Sharia Law included, of course), this islamist will do some stupid terroristic act against the US and we shall have what we have been wanting since Reagan's time: Bomb the shit out of France for being a bunch of treasonous, backstabbing SOBs. If we get to kill some islamofacists in the process the better.

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