Monday, May 14, 2007

Miami Herald still does not get it.

I do want to live in the La-La Land where the Miami Herald reporters live. It should be fun to exist in a place where using your higher brain functions is optional. On today's issue and under the banner of Today's "Top Stories" Beth Reinhard and Leslie Clark try to do a hit piece against the Right of the People to Carry and Bear Arms. Both alleged reporters are shocked that florida politicians are not getting medieval against guns (God forbid they get nasty on criminals and loonies) after the massacre in Virginia Tech, (I mean, wouldn't this be a perfect world without guns damn it?)
And, to confirm that Reinhard and Clark are nothing more than liberal mouthpieces, they cite the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (An impartial, caring source, right?) and its rating for Florida: F minus plus.
Reinhard baby, Clarke Sweetie, get over it. If anything, V-Tech painfully demonstrated that a Gun Free Zone is nothing more than a slaughterhouse waiting to happen. And if the sad event did not give the push you two expected to pass more legislation to ban guns is because one reason: You all were warned about it and we have the proof.
Let's go back to the Brady Rating. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence's rating gives good marks to those places or politicians that will do their best to restrict the access of firearms to the general law-abading public. Obviosuly the worse grades are for those who support an armed society where criminals think twice about attacking the common folk in fear that they will get killed.

So Florida gets and F minus but who gets an A+? Well, crime-ridden Washington D.C. is the Brady's shrine, same goes for "peaceful" Chicago. Both cities have some of the most strict gun control laws available in the books, but darn it! them pesky criminals still don't get it.

So, let's see what other places that would rate an A+ according to The Brady Bunch's Scorebook:

Darfur has very strict Gun Control Laws. Nobody but Goverment Officials and the Military are allowed to have weapons. But somehow I don't think the general population is enjoying the "benefits" of such advanced thinking.

And then we have exotic Colombia, #1 in the world for murders. Gun Control is so strict you can get shot on sight by the police if they see you close to a gun. That should rate at least an A triple + rating from Sarah Brady.

And Next comes Venezuela. Not bloody you say? Where is the carnage? Well, the gentleman in the portrait was Jorge Aguirre. He was murdered by Venezuelan Police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, namely taking pictures of the Revolutionary Cops doing misdeeds. Did I forget to mention that Mr. Aguirre was a journalist? How careless of me! I am so sorry. Did I mention that after goverment manages to subject people by denying them with the means to defend themselves, one of the first groups to go are dissident journalists? So, Beth Reinhard and Leslie Clark, you should keep that in mind before trying to curtail my rights.

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