Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Am Just One Person

Found in a forum.

As I think more and more about the events of Monday, April 16, I can't get that thought out of my head.We are often told how "just one person can make a difference" to the environment or in our community. We are told that "just one person's vote can make a difference."We all know it's hogwash. It takes thousands of "just one person" so make a difference globally, nationally, or even locally.But in those classrooms and residence halls in Blacksburg, Virginia, Just. One. Person. legally licensed to carry a pistol could have made all the difference in the world to 32 people.Just. One. Person. In Omaha over the weekend, two armed gremlins abducted a woman, took her to a park, raped her, and then set the car on fire with her in it. Who was there to protect her from these thugs? Not the police. Not her husband/boyfriend/girlfriend. Not her father. Not her city councilman.Just. One. Person.In Kentucky over the weekend, an 82-year-old former Miss America balanced herself on a walker with one hand and defended herself with her .38 with the other hand. What on earth was this 82-year-old woman doing challenging these thugs? What was she thinking?Just. One. Person.Since the attacks at VA Tech last Monday, the collective testicular fortitude of the modern American has been challenged. At what point, many columnists and bloggers have asked, did the United States turn into a nation of cowards? When did we become so afraid of offending someoneor of standing up to someone that it became acceptable to roll over and accept death at the hands of a madman?What has this once great nation of pioneers, cowboys, adventurers, explorers....warriors... become?I thought we had seen the light in the post-Sept. 11 accounts of the heroics on United Flight 93. Instead of placidly sitting there, afraid of getting cut, passengers stormed the terrorists. In the end, the sacrifice of these brave souls saved countless lives as that flight'sintended target was likely either the White House or Congress.I thought, mistakenly apparently, that this nation had learned its lesson and would "never forget" the spirit behind "Let's Roll."I, as was many, very, very wrong.We have been told far too many times that the best thing to do when attacked is to instantly surrender. We have been told when a rapist strikes, to give in or offer a condom. We are told when faced with our own death, the best action is inaction.Enough.From here on out we must commit to a policy of action not inaction. We must realize, understand, then accept that no one is responsible for our safety but ourselves. The police do incredible work, but they are a response and recovery unit there to pick up the pieces after the crime. I am always looking out for my wife's safety, but I am not with her 24/7.Who is ultimately responsible for our safety?Just. One. Person.Read that. Retain that. Remember that. Repeat that.Just. One. Person.When you are contacting business owners about their "gun-free" stores, let them know the power of Just. One. Person. Remind them of the evil that could be prevented by Just. One. Person. Ask them to imagine themselves in a VA Tech classroom or a NASA office or a Texas cafeteria as a madman with a gun is shooting the unarmed. Ask those businessowners if, in that situation, they would still be as nervous if Just. One. Person had a firearm with which to fight back.When your political leaders are trying to further restrict and deny your right to a firearm, you tell them about Just. One. Person. Remember the power of Just. One. Person. Don't expect others to battle back against unjust laws. Don't rely on the NRA or the RKBA (Right to Keep and BearArms) or the GOA (Gun Owners of America) to protect your rights.Just as with the rapist, murder, or terrorist, no one can protect you from the politicos but you. If everyone remembers the power of Just. One. Person and takes on oppression, then we become a very, very powerful force.Just. One. Person.Three fairly small words. One massively important concept. Repeat these words as a mantra. Instill these words into your vocabulary. Find strength and inspiration from these words. Use these words as motivation, as response, as a touchstone, as power. Spread these words as one would spread a gospel. Share these words as one would share joy.Go out to the world today with a fresh outlook. Enter the world as Just. One. Person.Stop relying on others. Stop being soft. Stop giving in. Stop hoping a problem will become someone else's.Start being Just. One. Person.Be strong and proud to say "I am Just. One. Person. and I WILL stand up against whatever you bring to me!"

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