Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Media Moonbats & Gun Haters, take a hint.

Hugo Chavez, Left Wing darling of "celebrities" like Cindy Sheehan and Danny Glover, finally was able to shut down Radio Caracas Television (Sort of like FoxNews F/X and Fox Network altogether) Venezuela. Of course, some people took to the streets to protest and in true bolivarian revolutionary fashion, they were "supported" by the Law.

Police Making sure the demonstrators remained nice and calm.

Bolivarian Revolution version of Hydrotherapy.

Bolivarian Revolution version of Aromatherapy.

Ungrateful demonstrators hiding away from "Leadtherapy."

Wait a minute! Chavez's Police pulling an Abu Ghraib?

I can't figure out why this Chavez supporter is happy.

I know, I know. That is Venezuela. It cannot happen here. We have Laws and Congress and The Supreme Court and (add your favorite Government solution here) and they would not allow that to happen....... yeah right.

The People! Don't forget The People! The Good People of the US of A would never let that happen! No! Really! They would not advocate the closing of a media company to satisfy politcal revenge!

No? Read the following.

We could lose Faux News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Clear Channel and most corporate
radio, and most of our war profiteering corporate news monopoly newspapers and
news magazines with no loss to free speech. Busting corporate news conglomerates
would in fact enhance free speech. These corporate news monopolies are a poison
in our democracy, spewing war propaganda and fascist policy 24/7, and are
arguably themselves guilty of a coup for DOCTORING their exit polls to cover up
a Kerry win in 2004. I wouldn't cry a tear to see all their licenses to use our
public airwaves pulled, and given to small, feisty, competitive, upstart news
businesses, worker coops or non-profits who engage in REAL journalism and who
actually perform the function of the Fourth Estate--watchdogging our government.

This was posted by a moonbat named Peace Patriot in DemocraticUnderground.com, feeling better already? He is not alone, there are plenty other that will support you....as long as you publish their point of view. If not....well, you know what's gonna happen.

So dear Journalists, where do you stand on defending your First Amendment Rights and your jobs? Look down on the Bill of Rights and check the Amendment following yours... that's right, The Second.

Think about it.

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