Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Fifth Column of Useful Idiots

There is an electronic battlefield in where the Ideological War Against the USA has been raging for several years now: The Usenet.

The Usenet is the bare bones of the Internet way before Blogs, Discussion Boards and even the World Wide Web. Called the Poor Man's ARPANET, it is a free fire zone where an user must be ready to forget the Marquis of Queensbery rules and be ready to have a knifefight inside a phone booth.

But back to our original idea, the soldiers of IWAUSA use the Usenet to shoot a constant barrage of lies, deceptions, propaganda and plain hatred against the USAthat would scare the the average citizen. Lots of these soldiers are from other countries, lots foreign born and living in the USA and, of course, there is a Chavezoide Brigade present for action among this last group.

The Chavezoide Brigade of course, is dedicated to sing the praises of the new Latin-American Messiah Hugo Chavez and to accuse and condemn the USA of every malady in this world. I'd figure that 95% of these "brave" players live in countries other than Venezuela and, amazingly so, do not want to return to the new Socialist Paradise. Who could blame them? They are not to give up living in comfort, safe and forego their ability of badmouthing President Bush while sucking their Decaf Komodo Dragon Blend with soymilk latte at the local Starbucks. To abandon their beloved SUV that allows them to drive their kids to soccer practice while listening to Randy Rhodes on their XM Satellite Radio? Unthinkable!

Yet, these Useful Idiots are the most venomous in their attacks against the USA. Their default position is to blame USA and takes the opposite side of anybody who the US supports. Much like Reuters, they will not call a murderous SOB who straps a bomb to his chest and blows himself up in a school bus a terrorist but a "Freedom Fighter." Yet an israeli soldier is called a genocide because he happens to shoot one of these "Freedom Fighters."

And God forbid you stand up and take a stance against their ideology: you are a marked man or woman for life. The same Idiots who were crying inconsolably 3 seconds ago because a brave terrorist was blown to camel crap will now order your extermination with extreme prejudice and please include anybody that thinks like you, your families and their families. And I am not exaggerating, during the Israel-Lebanon match, the Chavezoides Brigade is soc.culture.venezuela and other Latin groups constantly cried and requested the total extermination of all Jews and the eradication of the State of Israel in toto. When I was foolish enough to have an accessible email long time ago, the threats of torture and death were a normal every day thing. The Chavezoides Brigade hate with the passion of the stupid who is not enduring the true fruits of the Revolucion Bolivariana. But most of them lack the genital fortitude to do something about anything. They are cowards by nature. Some might actually try and harm us or provide the support to those that will harm us. It is because of this last group that we must remain vigilant and be ready to play by their rules...... and they won't like the outcome.

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