Monday, October 16, 2006

I am sinking!

Ok, I do have to get organized. My room is swamped with too much crap to the point the only available space is a small path from the door to the chair. Even the desk barely has a few square inches available and that's just for the mouse to travel. Prnter, ammo, digital camera & case, CD's more ammo notebooks, address book, ruler, multimeter, pliers measuring tape USB port, phone, computer, Vonage device 4 9mm magazines pens, screwdriver and papers, papers, papers ad infinitum.

My relaoding bench is full of brass jars, tools, cleaners, more brass, duct tape, etc. and I desperately need to reload... but where do I move the crap?

(XM Radio: King Crimson playing Eletrik. Damn! Where did all the good bands go?)

Closet is full too. Old audio gear, more papers, more ammo (You can't never have enough ammo, tumblers. That's out.

(XM Radio: The Soggy Bottom Boys, I am a man of constant sorrow... I know, what a change)

Floor? 4 years worth of mags, about 9,000 pieces of reloading brass in different containers, fax machine, rifle case, shotgun case, other boxes with assorted stuff and a 55 gallon trash can almost filled to the top with crap I want to throw away.


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Anonymous said...

Ohhh please..I think you need to call that show... Clean Sweep... (sp?) and they will tell you that having 4 years of magazines is a big No-No... you should know better...