Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rules of Engagement

In warfare, one of the surest methods to lose is to let the enemy dictate the Rules of Engagement. This also translates to the Ideological Warfare we are having right now with the Left: they are dictating how should we fight against them and cry foul to their referees if we deviate one millimeter from their rules but they have no shame in stepping out a mile and throw sand in our faces. In fact, they play without rules

Remember, we are not involved in a sporting event here. This is survival of a way of life. We are fighting against people that want us gone and they get to keep all the toys. It is not, as they try to portray, a search for a common ground in which all could live. Don’t buy that line of crap for one second. They want you submitted, gone or dead if possible. Their ideas are the only ones valid and yours must be erased and if it takes massive lobotomies or mass executions, so be it.
Right now, we are still fighting with words and in a draw. Soon enough they will step up and use harsher methods. When this happens, don’t cry foul and ask the referee for a penalty, he’s been bought and paid for and you will be out of the game. The only solution will be to play even harsher and eliminate them. It is your life, be ready to defend it.

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