Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogging under the influence

No, don't go nuts. I am not here to talk about chemicals or better life through Colombian Oregano or Bolivian Nutrasweet. I am just plum tired for not getting but 15 hours of sleep in the past 4 days and being fueled by coffee, sugar and plain ornery. So, if the toughts do not make sense now you know why.

-It was not all work. I did spend a lovely morning on Saturday on a 3-Gun match. For those uninformed, a 3-Gun Match is a shooting handgun, shotgun and rifle (of the evil assault weapon type) in a tactical or self-defensive scenario. I was amazed to see that more AK's are showing up at the matches and giving AR's a run for their very expensive money. I said once that some people treat AK's are like chubby girlfriends: Fun to be with and use but you don't want your buddies to see her. I am glad to see that more shooters are coming out of the "Gun Cabinet" with their AK's and standing proud.

-School Shootings. May God have a special corner in hell for those bastards that have gone into school rampages and killing inocent kids. At least I have not seen the Lib politicians going into a verbal antigun rampage of their own (must be election year, right?) If anything these incidents prove that when you have a guaranteed Gun-Free zone all you gurantee is that a maniac will have no opposition in doing his evil deeds.

-Maca's world. She keeps me laughing. She is funny as hell plus just so open that I feel I am reading a sister's or cousin's complains in the strictest confidence... and I just realized that she might not be meaning to be funny...ooops! Sorry Monica!

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