Saturday, December 30, 2006

One down.......

Justice is done. Mr. Saddam is now being slowly grilled in Satan's Kitchen paying for his misdeeds & Crimes.
Now I am waiting for the backlash that is sure to come. Not the so-called "insurgents" but from their allies: Human Rights Activists.
I am sure the news will be flooded soon by the cries of those who think Saddam should have been giving a life sentnce in an air-conditioned cell with three healty squares a day and DirecTV with all the options. And of course they will say that what was done here is just another example of the barbaric practices of the Bush Administration and its puppets in the Iraqi government. To them I say with all my respect: Fuck You! He got what he deserved.
The planet feels a little nicer today, Evil was sent to where it belongs. Good riddance.
Next tyrant?

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javier said...

Next tyrant? The Caribbean Mummy?