Friday, November 24, 2006

And back....

Away for a while but back now. Lots to post but the mind is going in so many different directions that it is hard to nail one single subject.
The Trolls are now in charge but for a while anyway. They are drooling at the prospect of changing us to a more "progressive" state of mind (Do read: Mindless followers) but that will be their undoing. They think they won because of what they did and not because what our elected ones fail to do. Should be a great and interesting time ahead. Just in case, be prepared, don't trust them and stock up your favorite needs 'cause they will try their darnest to eliminate them.

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'
Ronald Reagan

Upcoming Carnival in Venezuela. Elections in no time. Lotto Machines performing as Voting Machines ready to do what Chavez has already ordered: Win at Any Cost. But it comes to no surprise to yours truly. The New Greedy Left will not relinquish their control of the Petro-Dollars that easy and screw the People they allege to love. Latest example, Tropical Fevers, once contained almost everywhere but the deepest darkest jungle corners of Venezuela are now progressing nicely into the metropolis. Best selling vehicles in Venezuela? Audi and Hummer driven by those "In The Process."
New form of public transportation? Moto-Taxi: Motorcycle pay rides. And, by the way, new presidential decree: The right of 2 or more peopleto assembly is hereby forbidden after the elections.

Gossip: I was told by somebody who knows somebody who heard it from somebody (ad nauseaum) that the cause why the the Venezuelan Ruskie choppers went down was not some secret CIA plot to kill Hugo but plain stupidity by the eunii Military that are hoding rank because of their party servitude and not because of their profesionalism. It seems some Weapons' salesman did a demonstration of some Ground to Ground Rocket weapons system to a High Ranking Chavista military and the guy was so impressed that he wanted the system installed in the new Russian choppers. The Salesman told him that the weapons system was incompatible with such application but the Military Genius insisted so, after wheeling and dealing for a price plus the necessary release-me-from-legal-troubles-'cause-you-are-dumber-than-shit paperwork, the rockets were installed on the poor chooper who promptly took dirt dives while trying to operate them.
Unconfirmed reports also say that the weapons' system sale was during the height of Hugo's rambling against certain country (not the US for a change) accusing them of Genocide and Holocaust. The unconfirmed report also says that Hugo was well aware of the sale.

Interesting times we are living.

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