Monday, July 09, 2007

Another Civil War ?

The Moonbats are getting bolder and dangerously stupid. First we have Left Winger Blogger Hart Williams wishing for a Civil War so he can shoot and kill Rush Limbaugh and asking for a volunteer to kill Ted Nugent. Then we have derranged Anti War Looney Matthew J. Marren shooting Airman Jonathan Schrieken as his anti-wat statement.

It seems that the Moonbats are developing a twisted pair of testicular organs. But it might backfire (pardon the pun) nastily. Their hatred of anything guns and military might be clouding their brains enough as to ignore that a section of law-abiding citizens are armed and may not sit quietly while they try to go on a rampage. And that group of citizens regulary train with guns so it is safe to assume that they are much better shots.

Warning to Mr. Moonbat: We will shoot back & we won't miss.

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