Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Illegal Inmigration & Terrorism: The Unlearned Lessons.

On June 17, 2007 the Spanish newspaper El Pais publishes excerpts from a secret document titled "Evolución de la amenaza del terrorismo islamista en España" (Evolution of the Islamist terrorist threat in Spain). If what the paper says is somewhat accurate, the Spanish Authorities are literally scared out of their wits and are bracing for the worst.

The article written by Jose Maria Irujo goes to explain that a core of heavily Takfir Wal Hijra-indoctrinated Muslims are roaming the streets of Spain and there is no way to detect them. Why? Because they are not your traditional fresh off the camel Muslim but Second Generation Muslims, the sons of the Illegal Immigrants that arrived unchallenged to the southern coasts of Spain. These Second Generation Jihadists will dress in western clothing, go to discos, drink alcohol, eat pork and have what it looks like a merry westernized life but in reality they are just as dangerous as any Al Qeada terrorist. They are the perfect sleeper agents.

For many years during the PSOE administration led by Felipe Gonzalez, Spain had basically an open borders policy regarding the Muslim flood coming out of Northern Africa. The official numbers of Muslim immigrants in the 1980s give an estimate of 175,000 that has grown to 600,000 by 2,002 but critics say that those numbers are staggering low and that they should be multiplied three times to get a more accurate result. As with any illegal immigrant population, Spanish Muslims shy away from any type of census so an accurate estimate is nearly impossible. The best that there is available out there is a map depicting the concentration of registered Muslim groups.

It is not surprising that Madrid has the biggest concentration being the capital. Also that Southern Spain in the cities of Granada, Cordoba and Malaga, old bastions of the Moorish occupation of Spain are also heavily populated with Muslims. What it is really surprising is the groups popping up at the north: Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque region which were unconquered by the moors and now are the economic and industrial centers of Spain and obvious targets for terrorist attacks by those willing to create economic mayhem.

But why all the worrying? After all Spain has gone above and beyond trying to "integrate" the Muslim community into its fold spending billions of Euros on everything from affordable housing to small business loans and special schooling. What's the problem? The 2004 Madrid train bombings suspects are up for trial soon and it seems the Muslim community is somewhat miffed about it. That seems to be the gist of the report mentioned above and that attacks might come from the Second Generation Jihadist has Spanish Authorities shaking in their boots. Also, That Al Qeada has mentioned by name Spain as a target and not because at one time they had troops helping the USA but because they feel it is their right to recover "their land" in Southern Spain, land they lost to Isabel and Fernando, King and Queen of Spain in 1492 when they kicked the last of the moors out of Granada and across the Mediterranean. Yes, they have memories that long.

Now the lesson to be learned here is that an Open Border policy is akin to suicide in all levels of society and we are seeing the results in Spain and France where muslim gangs are terrorizing neighborhoods, torching property without any fear from Law Enforcement because they are a protected species of sorts under a liberal conception of inmigration, integration and multiculturalism. If our elected representatives in both branches of congress would even take the time to read a couple of articles from overseas, they would not be singing the praises for this new Amnesty Bill. Hell, they would actually be doing something to seal once and for all our borders!

But wait! There is more to come! This post is a first one on a series. The next post will deal with the liberal politics that allowed Spain to be in the postion it is right now. You will be surprised at the similarites with some of our Illegal Alien Defenders. Stay Tuned!

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