Saturday, April 28, 2007

They must be scratching their heads.

After the V-Tech murders, The Brady Bunch and the assorted anti-gun zealots were feeling all fuzzy-warm thinking they had a perfect opportunity to get more legislation restricting fireamrs ownership. The usual media suspects came out in full force to deride the Second Amendment and the "gun nuts" and claiming for more "sensible" gun laws but..... it seems to have backfired.

Much to their surprise, Antis were given time on TV next to Pro-Second Amendment foes and found themselves in an unfamiliar territory: They were blamed for the massacre. It was almost funny to see them recoil in horror and not being able to defend themselves. When Talking Heads searched for an explanation, one powerful one was given: They were warned that this would happen and they chose to ignore it. What made it even worse is having somebody from V-Tech on the record giving assurances that the University would be better serves and his students perfectly safe barely a year before. That is the boiler-plate Anti platform: be desarmed and safe. But it was proven wrong 32 times at V-Tech and the blame does lay directly in the likes of Sarah Brady and her minions.

Of course, there were some setbacks due to the shooting. Spinless legislators in Florida sabotaged a law that would have protected civilians from having their vehicles searched illegaly by their employers searching for weapons. I am guessing they were expecting the same old bad publicity and their testosterone levels were low enough not to seek confrontation. Some other state legislators did not act as cowardly. Kansas Legislators overrode Gov Sibelius veto on premption. Tennessee eliminated the restriction to carry in public buildings. And Utah removed any prohibition to carry a concealed weapon on universities.

If you never followed the Gun Debate I must explain you that less than 5 years ago, such acomplishments were inimaginable. The standard way was for every liberal legilastor to come with an anti-gun piece of legislation, no matter how stupid and get his or her face pasted on the 6 O'Clock news to show how much they care. This time around, people just did not buy it and it shows. The almost lack of polls mentioned on the TV News shows tell very loud that people are sick of anti gun laws. I followed all the major networks online polls asking if more Gun Control was needed and all of them were beaten to the ground. What an eye opener that must have been!

Still, some idiots are at it. Denis Kucinich is now writting legislation to ban ALL guns from the US. But the cherry of thye moonbat cake goes to Dan Simpson, former embassador to several african nations who wrote an editorial with his final solution to the gun problem. It involves of course, the confiscation of all firearms from private property, fines and jail time for offenders, and Special Squads of police officers doing random (and without probable cause or duly court orders) personal and property searches for firearms. He goes on to say that police should "stop-and-search of anyone, even grandma with her walker, with the same penalties for "carrying." Yep, you read right. Probably he plans to use TSA personel that are used to stripsearch grandmothers going into planes.

The fight continues.............

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