Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh yes! Peaceful Marches & Protest works

Bye-bye Radio Caracas TV. Hugo Rafael wants you gone and his minions in the courts are ready to seal your casket. Marcel Granier, you should have played it safe and bow your head to the infallibility of King Hugo. But you decided that citizens have the right to say what they want and now you are paying for your foolishness. The foolishness resides not on thinking that speaking your mind is a right but to think you are a citizen, you are not. You are a subject with rights to be determined by the Superior Intellect at Miraflores. I know you have appealed to everybody including the Pope and the results are somewhere between zero and minus zero. Sorry!
You guys remember back in 2002 how happy and hopeful everybody felt because of the Ley del Desarme (Disarm Law)? Even RCTV touted the law as a "sensible" way to reduce violence in Venezuela. But what has happened since then? Murders are at a worldwide high. Not local, not regional, worldwide. Venezuelans are dying at a rate that pales civil wars: over 100,000 murdered in the last 8 years! Unarmed people make for beautiful victims. You should be proud. Oh yes, I guess you also discovered that waving banners is kind of stupid while defending your "rights" and sadly discovered that an unarmed citizen is just a subject without rights. How are you gonna defend the company feeding the people under you? How are you gonna protect your and their rights? Appeal to the UN? They are not doing squat about mass massacres in Darfur and they are going to stop everything to help you? Dream on!
You wanna solve the problem, you need two items: guns and balls. The first one are easy to find. I am worried about you getting the second item. It seems Venezuelans gave them up long time ago.
And other News Outlets should literally see the writing on the wall because it is not gonna get any better. Here in the US, when you attack the Second Amendment, you are setting yourselves for the fall of the ages. Trust me, you can't stop a goverment goon with a laptop.

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