Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It is supposed to be deep thoughts.

.....but I am literally brian tired. Just opening the damn dashboard requires effort on my part. Long month at work and at home. Still laughing at Liberal preaching the Revolution but will not pick up a gun to actually carry it out.... which is a good thing for them 'cause we are better armed and trained.
Latest News: In Germany is now legal for a Muslim to beat the shit & kill his wife because they "respect" your religion. If I spank mine in bed she pulls out her .357 Magnum.
The "Assault" Weapons Ban has been re-itroduced in Congress by the usual Suspects. Here we go again.
Cool weather is gone from South Florida. Heat and Humidity are creeping in. Welcome to summer in March as opposed to the usual summer in Febraury.

OK, I wrote and I go to bed now...

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