Friday, February 09, 2007

Stockpiling for the new Democrat Era.

With the Dems in control of Congress and with a good chance of winning the Presidency (Let's face it, neither Guilianni nor McCain will move the Conservative Base) we have about two years to stock up in Second Amendment supplies. There are some rumblings coming out of stalwart places like Cook County where some idiotic Politico is raising again the idea of a 5 cent per rooun Ammo Tax to pay for the city of Chicago's deficit. Senatoressa Feinstein is again on the move trying to get her Assault Weapon Ban as a New and Improved violation on our Rights. And in some States, there are rumors of setting back the Concealed Weapons Permit legislations already on the books even though in all places that is running there has not been one drop of "Wild West Violence" or "Road Rage Murders" as many on the Anti-Gun Movement "predicted."

So, what are our choices? Obviously we still need to focus on the political game. Be active in your locality, support your Pro Gun groups and be Loud & Proud about it. But seeing how we have been betrayed before by our senators and representatives, it is imperative that we get ready in case we get shafted.

1) Buy the guns you want right now. Don't wait for the last day before the new ban starts. This is specially true with long guns of the Ugly Design: the so-called assault weapons. AK variants are still plentiful, inexpensive and reliable. AR Clones are not that cheap so, if you need to max out the credit card or put it in layaway, do it. Don't forget a good shotgun either. They are cheap, ammo is cheap and a good pump is reliable till the day of Rapture. Last but not least, select a good reliable handgun for those occasions that require concealment.

2) Buy parts. Although firearms' quality is impressive, they are mechanical animals and they will have parts that wear out or break. At a minimun, get springs for all your firearms & mags since these are the first to go.

2) Stock up on Ammo. A firearm without ammunition is just an expensive paperweight. Keep at least a stock of 2,000 rounds per handgun caliber, 1,000 per rifle and 500 to 700 for shotgun. And don't forget to...

3) Reload. If we get socked with all kinds of regulations, reload is a good way to keep our ammo inventory up and running. Reloading kits mad by Lee are inexpensive and last for years. If you have doubts and fears about reloading, don't. Although you must be careful on certain stages of the reloading process, it is not a black magic/rocket science enterprise. Ask around, get info from books, experts and friends and learn. Do remember to stock up on components being powder and primers your first priority.

Some will call me paranoid but gun confiscation has happened before and always with tragic results. We can't afford to repeat those mistakes.

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