Monday, January 15, 2007

Jericho, Jack Bauer, Chavez and the quote about paranoia.

Two of my favorite shows are 24 and Jericho. If you do not know about 24, this would be a great time to get out of the backwards place you are living in and get a TV. But just to give you a hint, let me tell you something: Don't fuck with Jack Bauer.
Jericho deals with a society that has its standard structures removed by a tactical nuclear attack in the US and the suspension of the normal way of living and how some adapt to the change while others clings to things that do not exist or matter anymore. The old quote about paranoia is the one that says that You Might Be Paranoid, But That Does Not Mean You Are Not Being Followed. My version is simply: Paranoia Pays.

Over a decade ago, the paranoid in me saw that things were about to change in Venezuela and not for the better. I had a strong gut feeling that Chavez was going to take over the country thanks to people being fed up with the old political structure and the most colossal political error made by any president in Venezuela: Caldera's decision to pardon Chavez before a trial even started.

So, I moved to the US. At the time many of my friends, family and acquaintances stated that I was crazy. I had a prosperous business, my own house, place at the beach, 2 cars, etc and people thought I had lost all my marbles plus some screws when I decided to get the hell out of dodge. Now, the same people who criticized me are living the hell that is the Chavista Revolution. They are literally living in fear, chugging prozac and sleeping pills, afraid for their jobs and their lives. Those who can, barricade themselves behind tall walls, razor wire, motion sensors connected to alarms & lights and fear to venture outside after sundown. They wish to get out but tose who have no way to get out just mope, complain and do nothing but take it up the ass day in and day out.

Now, do I feel sorry for them? Nope, not one bit. The signs of the shitstorm to come were there to see, the chose to ignore them or just dismiss them as rants of a paranoid. Even when Chavez got in power and things started to change, they commented that things were not so bad and that he would not dare to become a tyrant. Now he is one and they find themselves with a choke collar to the nuts. They got what they deserve.

And it is not that a voting population does not make a mistake, but the true measure of testicular fortitude is doing what needs to be done to correct the mistake and that, sadly is what is lacking in Venezuela right now: The guts to change by any means what is going on. The "peaceful" measures have been tried and failed but somehow the "other" option does not compute in their minds. They are not willing to take the fight to the enemy and beat him so they wait for God, the CIA or a meteorite to do it for them. They do not deserve it.

Until the Venezuelan people cease to be rag dolls and become Jack Bauers, they'll continue to be rectally probed without the benefit of lubrication by a minority of hooligans who do have the balls to ream them often and long.

There is a story of a German general visiting the German/Swiss border Pre-WWII. He is having some sort of press conference and he points out the "mightiness" of the German army and the futility of fighting against it. Laughingly he points over the border and says: "If we are to send one million German soldiers across the board, what do you think five hundred thousand swiss could do to stop us?" From the other side of the border the voice of a Swiss border guide came loud and clear:
"Shoot twice."

Germany never invaded Switzerland.

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